WCSJ2013 has arrived in AAAS Annual Meeting

Finnish organisers are finishing Exhibition stand in Vancouver AAAS Meeting on Thursday morning

The Finnish organisers of  the WCSJ2013 World Conference are participating in the prestigious AAAS Annual Meeting in Vancouver. They will promote the conference to the international press.

WCSJ2013-organisers will speak at two press meetings during the weekend. They are also meeting participants at the Exhibition stand 411  in the AAAS Annual Meeting, which is held at the Vancouver Convention Center 16–20 February, 2012.

”We are looking forward to meet hundreds of journalists and science communicators. AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) Annual Meeting is one of the most widely recognized pan-science events”, says Ms Satu Lipponen, Chair of the organising committee.


There is one thing common to all music makers of this Spotify-list: they are arriving or living in Helsinki or planning to leave.  They are inspired, fed up, feeling blue, loving or dancing until the morning. Music goes across genres, generations and history. We can listen to the Sibelius: coronation cantata of czar Nicholas II of Russia, or cantata for Helsinki university ceremonies in 1894. Or enjoy classical music played by Timo Korhonen, one of the leading classic guitar players in Finland. Or enjoy heavy metal bands.

Finnish song makers and singers are there: the iconic Katri Helena, Mamba and Erna Tauro and one of my favourites, Fiive Corners Quintet (I used to live in Five Corners in Helsinki). Continue reading