There is one thing common to all music makers of this Spotify-list: they are arriving or living in Helsinki or planning to leave.  They are inspired, fed up, feeling blue, loving or dancing until the morning. Music goes across genres, generations and history. We can listen to the Sibelius: coronation cantata of czar Nicholas II of Russia, or cantata for Helsinki university ceremonies in 1894. Or enjoy classical music played by Timo Korhonen, one of the leading classic guitar players in Finland. Or enjoy heavy metal bands.

Finnish song makers and singers are there: the iconic Katri Helena, Mamba and Erna Tauro and one of my favourites, Five Corners Quintet (I used to live in Five Corners in Helsinki).

Helsinki has a vibrating club scene. Listen to dreamy-like trance and nu-soul music, my favourite is Nature girl. Check out Nicole Willis – who just made it to Obama´s playlist – or soul man Eddie Boyd´s praise to Helsinki.

Have you ever listened to Finnish rap? Try Paleface or Steen1.

First thing you will see upon arrival is Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Then listen to Helsinki-Vantaa by Seminaarimäen laulajat and Kerkko Koskinen.

Finnish progressive rock? Yes, it is Wigwam. And punk? Pelle Miljoona is your man.

What about choirs? They are lovely. Especially the Complaint Choir who really complaints about weather, service, sauna – everything!

Hopefully you will enjoy my personal picks.

PS. Where is tango? Yes, there will be a separate dedicated list of Finnish tango. And jazz, soul, choirs, classical… stay tuned.