Helsinki – the host city

The 8th World Conference of Science Journalists will take place in Helsinki on June 24-28, 2013. The conference will convene at the City Centre Campus of the University of Helsinki in the historical centre of Finland’s capital. The empire-style main building is next to the historic Senate Square. Most of Helsinki’s attractions and conference hotels are within a few minutes’ walk from the venue. The main sights, restaurants, hotels and the seashore are all within walking distance.

The host city Helsinki, the beautiful, lively, friendly, and safe capital of Finland, is famous for its relaxed atmosphere and its mixture of modern and classic architecture. It is also the World Design Capital of 2012.

Finland has a population of five million. It is an innovative, high-tech and multicultural society with a top-rated educational system. Still, Finland retains the mystique of its location on the border between East and West. Finnish summer nights are nearly as bright as the days – an unforgettable experience. Come and experience the Northern atmosphere and the hospitality of Finns!

Optional excursions from Helsinki after the conference are available. Nature in the Nordic region is at its best in June and the beautiful Finnish university cities Turku and Tampere are within an easy reach. Even Lapland and the Eastern lake districts are easily accessible by air, train or bus. Interesting international destinations such as the Estonian capital Tallinn, the Russian metropolis of St. Petersburg, and the Swedish capital Stockholm are nearby Helsinki and served by frequent boats, trains and buses.